... put your Twitter followers on your Twitter background

Frequently Asked Questions

Who could be included on my background?

By default, it is people you follow. The other options on the settings page are people following you, both following and followers, and people you follow that follow you back. With Twilk Pro, you can choose exactly who you want to show.

How are people arranged on the background?

People are sorted by how much you mention their user name ( @ replies, retweets, etc ) in your Twitter feed. It starts in the first two columns on the left, from top to bottom, left, right, left, right. If you mention people the same amount (or not at all), the order of those people will be random.

If I change who I am following or people change their photos, will it update by itself?

If you sign up for the Twilk Pro subscription, your background will be automatically updated on a daily basis. Otherwise, you must come back to Twilk.com to update your background.

Where did the name Twilk come from?

The name Twilk is a combination of Twitter and milk. Milk has nothing to do with the service other than the creator of Twilk really likes milk. It helps that the domain name is short, and was available.

How can I remove the Twilk background or change it to something else?

You can remove or change your background image at any time by visiting the design tab of Twitter settings.

If I'm subscribed to a paid Twilk Pro subscription, how to I cancel?

You can cancel your paid subscription through PayPal. Login to the PayPal account you originally used to pay with, click on one of the Twilk payments, then click the associated subscription, and click cancel. If there is anything we can do to keep your business, please contact us